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AmaWaterways Christmas on the Rhine river cruise — Cologne

Dateline:  2014-12-17 (Wednesday)
Location:  Cologne (Köln), Germany


Another day in our river cruise on the Rhine River during the Christmas Markets season on board the AmaWaterways AmaCerto ship.  The first Blog post in this series is here:




Full Flickr Albums and YouTube Playlists

There are accompanying Flickr albums and YouTube playlists for each day (some days don’t have videos). The pictures included here in this blog are a tiny portion of those that were taken.
Flickr album location:
YouTube videos:



Cologne started off with a city walking tour, and then had plenty of time to explore as many of the Christmas Markets as you felt like going through.  Our guide for Cologne was probably the most entertaining local guide we had on the entire trip. He was hilarious the whole way along, and made a special effort to point out some of Cologne’s more interesting (and sometimes naughty) architecture.  See if you can find the roof ornament that is mooning in the direction of the city’s Rathaus (where the politicians are) in the Flickr album for Cologne.


Our guide also pointed out to us the “Old American Embassy” and the “New American Embassy”, as shown below. (For the Old American Embassy, notice the golden arches in the lower left?  He was talking about that, not the grand main building in the foreground.)  I told you he was hilarious.

Cologne 'Old American Embassy'Cologne 'New American Embassy'


Here are pictures of colorful houses beneath the looming St Kunibert church, and the lit-up Christmas Market below the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne colorful houses below St Kunibert churchCologne Cathedral above Xmas market


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