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AmaWaterways Christmas on the Rhine river cruise — Middle Rhine and Rüdesheim

Dateline:  2014-12-18 (Thursday)
Location:  Middle Rhine and Rüdesheim, Germany


Another day in our river cruise on the Rhine River during the Christmas Markets season on board the AmaWaterways AmaCerto ship.  The first Blog post in this series is here:



Full Flickr Albums and YouTube Playlists

There are accompanying Flickr albums and YouTube playlists for each day (some days don’t have videos). The pictures included here in this blog are a tiny portion of those that were taken.
Flickr album location:
YouTube videos:




This day of cruising was definitely the most fascinating of them all. The Middle Rhine is the section of the river that is lined with hillsides covered with vineyards and old castles. It’s an extremely cool few hours to be out on deck taking in all the sights and hearing the informative commentary from the Cruise Director.


This is the Marksburg Castle near Braubach.

Middle Rhine, Braubach, Marksburg Castle

And this is an extremely interesting building.  The white part (Zur Klosterschenfe) is a pub, and the yellowish part is a church.  The two buildings are connected, but there is only one door to get into both… and that’s through the pub.

Middle Rhine, Zur Klosterschenfe


In Rüdesheim, there were choices of activities for both afternoon and evening (after supper).  We selected the wine tasting from the local vintner’s wine cellar, and Siegfried’s Musik Kabinett, which was a museum and restoration facility for antique mechanical musical machines.  This is one of the musical machines that did the work of dozens of actual instruments; (there’s a video of it playing in the accompanying YouTube playlist for Rüdesheim.)

Rüdesheim, Siegfried's Mechanical Musical Museum



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