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AmaWaterways Christmas on the Rhine river cruise — Heidelberg

Dateline:  2014-12-19 (Friday)
Location:  Heidelberg, Germany



Another day in our river cruise on the Rhine River during the Christmas Markets season on board the AmaWaterways AmaCerto ship.  The first Blog post in this series is here:




Full Flickr Albums and YouTube Playlists

There are accompanying Flickr albums and YouTube playlists for each day (some days don’t have videos).  The pictures included here in this blog are a tiny portion of those that were taken.
Flickr album location:
YouTube videos:




This day actually had a choice of outings, as well: an excursion to Heidelberg or a city tour of Speyer.  For us, this wasn’t even a choice.  Heidelberg is so unbelievably beautiful and quaint with its old town shopping district, and then you add on the castle looming above it all and there’s just no comparison.  It’s an incredibly neat place to be; we just wish we had more time there.
These three pictures are an area of the castle ruins, then looking out from one of the watchtowers onto the town below, and then looking up from the town through Christmas decorations to the castle looming above.

Heidelberg Castle





Heidelberg town











Heidelberg Castle





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