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Regal Princess ship inspection

Dateline:  2014-12-07, Sunday
Location:  Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



In early December, I was lucky enough to be able to perform a travel agent ship inspection of the Regal Princess.  The Regal is one of Princess’ newest ships, (just brought into service in 2014), and sister to the Royal Princess.  The Royal and Regal are part of the Royal-class of ships, having all of the latest and most innovative features that Princess has available.


This is the first sight upon entering the ship from the gangway — the multi-level public atrium called The Piazza.
Regal Princess ship inspection 01 The Piazza entry


The Piazza was outfitted with lots of Christmas decorations and a tree when we were there.  But even without the Christmas decorations, The Piazza is just a stunning view.  It sets the stage for everything else you experience on board — classy and elegant design, while still feeling very comfortable.


The Vista Lounge is a good example of the elegance in design, high quality of finish, and still providing very comfortable surroundings.
Regal Princess ship inspection 02 Vista Lounge


The Horizon Court is the buffet-style dining area onboard; it offers a range of seating types and table sizes, all with views out the large windows high on the ship.
Regal Princess ship inspection 03 Horizon Court dining area


One of the pools and lounge areas on the Lido/Sun Decks.
Regal Princess ship inspection 04 Sun Deck Retreat Pool


And even better, the adults-only quiet getaway called The Sanctuary.  It has lots of extremely comfortable lounge chairs, private cabanas, a massage area (no need to leave The Sanctuary), all with high views out the front of the ship.
Regal Princess ship inspection 05 The Sanctuary lounge chairs


High aboard the ship on the Lido Deck (deck 16) there is a glass-bottomed SeaWalk which extends over the edge of the ship and is 128 feet (39 meters) above the water.  This picture is me putting my foot on the first part of the walkway.  However, since the ship was in port, this side of the ship was against the pier and underneath the walkway was concrete.  This doesn’t make for the most spectacular of views, but luckily on the complete opposite side of the ship to the SeaWalk is the SeaView Bar, and it has basically the same glass-bottomed walkway extending over water.  Look at the YouTube videos for a clip where I walk along the whole walkway.
Regal Princess ship inspection 06 standing on The SeaWalk
This is the Allegro Dining Room, where Princess graciously provided the travel agents in our group a fantastic lunch.  The food was absolutely delicious and gourmet quality, and the service was impeccable.  All the dining room servers were doing this for us on their day off, too! Thanks to all of you.
Regal Princess ship inspection 07 lunch in Allegro Dining Room

(Pictures of all our lunch dishes can be found in the associated Flickr album; there’s also a YouTube video of the molten souffle being prepared in the associated playlist.)


Within the massive Lotus Spa on board the Princess (20,000 square feet of space, or 1,858 square meters) there is the more exclusive, quiet, and relaxing space called The Enclave.  This is the entrance way to The Enclave.
Regal Princess ship inspection 08 Lotus Spa - The Enclave entry


And this is the hydrotherapy pool in The Enclave, surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs and other sauna or spa areas.
Regal Princess ship inspection 09 The Enclave - hydrotherapy pool


(In the YouTube playlist for this ship inspection, there’s a video of the hydrotherapy pool.  You can get a better sense of the cascading, pouring, and eddying warm waters of the pool from the video.)


The staterooms aboard the Regal Princess were all incredibly impressive.  Below is a shot of a Penthouse Suite.  It obviously has lots of room with separate living areas, but it wasn’t unique in all aspects.  Every stateroom category has this same level of finish, elegance, and quality design to them, and they all have smartly designed layouts which optimize the space.
Regal Princess ship inspection 10 Penthouse Suite (R603)


The wrap-around balcony at the rear of the ship (Rivera Deck) as part of the Owner’s Suite was truly impressive.  Situated high aboard the ship (deck 14) and with plenty of space to move about and admire the views, it’s a natural entertainment or relaxation area.
Regal Princess ship inspection 11 Owner's Suite wrap-around balcony (R730)
We were truly impressed with everything about the ship — from its well-designed and elegant staterooms, to the comfortable and spacious public spaces (The Piazza, dining rooms and lounges), to the exclusive and quiet areas (such as The Enclave and The Sanctuary), everything oozed class, refinement, and attention to detail.  Even with our short time on board and limited interaction, we found the service to be faultless.  In the dining room for lunch all of our servers were very attentive and friendly, but the service extended beyond that.  As we explored specific areas of the ship (e.g., The Enclave, the Lotus Spa), we found everyone we interacted with to be friendly and more than willing to spend time with us, guiding us around, and answering questions.  As we were admiring some of the sweet tarts and fruit concoctions in the display case at The International Cafe (in The Piazza), a server practically insisted we take one to try even though we indicated we were just temporary guests and not actual passengers.  It was just another small example of the level of helpfulness and accommodation we received the entire time on board.



Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The full Flickr album of photos can be found here:

Videos from the ship inspection can be found here in the associated YouTube playlist:

There are videos of the hydrotherapy pool, walking along a glass-bottomed extension over water, the molten souffle at lunch, and a 360° view of one of the Deluxe Balcony rooms.



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