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Ketchikan, Alaska

Dateline:  2015-05-24, Sunday

Location:  Ketchikan, Alaska



Today we docked in the picturesque town of Ketchikan.  All of the buildings and shops around the pier area where ships dock are colorful and have the unique architecture of an Alaskan frontier town.  From up high on the ship looking down, the town area actually had the appearance of a tilt-shift photograph without even doing any special effects.  See how the buildings, cars, and people all look as though they are miniature models?



This may seem like a strange photo to include, but it shows a rather unique aspect of Ketchikan.  See the street sign at the foot of the wooden stairs?  That’s not misplaced.  We were told that houses built onto steep mountainsides which only had access via the stairs (no road or driveway) had their stairs designated as city streets.  Even better, the local streets department is obligated to keep them in good repair.  Look halfway up the long wooden stair street and you can see another stair street creating a T intersection.  (There’s a video of this stair street and the surrounding area in the accompanying YouTube playlist.)

Ketchikan town, stairways are streets


Most of the day in Ketchikan was spent taking an Eagles and Lighthouse tour out on the water.  That Blog post can be found here:  Eagles and Lighthouse



It was a bit cloudy and overcast for most of the day, and especially when we were out on the water.  But it brightened up with sparkling water late in the afternoon as we were leaving.

sailing away from Ketchikan, CPGetaways


Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The accompanying full Flickr photo album and YouTube playlist can be found here:


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