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Alaska Whale Watching Tour

Dateline:  2015-05-25, Monday

Location:  Hoonah, Alaska and surrounding waters



Today in Icy Strait, Alaska, we spent most of the day on a whale watching tour in the harbor area.  (This separate Blog entry covers the Icy Strait and Hoonah area that were either before or after the tour:  Icy Strait.)


The day was unbelievably beautiful, with clear skies, very comfortable temperatures, and bright blue water.  This is what our day on the water looked like.

whale in Icy Strait


Can you see the whale tail above the water in the distance?  It’s easier to see in the full-sized image in the Flickr album.  But here are two additional photos where it’s very easy to see the whale above the surface of the water.

whale in Icy Strait 1

whale in Icy Strait 2


The whales weren’t the only wildlife we saw during the tour.  We saw a few seals floating on their backs in the harbor, and amazingly, we saw eagles super close up!  On the short bus ride from Hoonah to the dock with the tour ship, we stopped in a parking lot.  Down the rocky embankment were dozens of large ravens and a handful of eagles at the water’s edge, as well.

eagles at shoreline


Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The accompanying full Flickr photo album and YouTube playlist can be found here:



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