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Icy Strait & Hoonah

Dateline:  2015-05-25, Monday

Location:  Icy Strait and Hoonah, Alaska



Today we were in Icy Strait, Alaska, on a beautifully clear and comfortable day.  The views of the water and surrounding mountains were gorgeous.

Icy Strait harbor


This was the day on our cruise where the ship’s tenders were needed to get us into the port of call, Hoonah, Alaska.  There are a few pictures and videos of the crew lowering the large tenders into the water from the Millennium and preparing them for passengers.  Our stateroom’s balcony was directly over where all this was being done.  Check out the Flickr album and YouTube playlist if you’re interested in this.


The tenders took us into the small village of Hoonah, which had a lot of historical information about the fishing industry that used to dominate the area.  Its buildings are very well maintained and picturesque.

Hoonah Alaska


Most of the day was spent on a whale watching tour out on the water.  There’s a separate Blog entry for all the wildlife and interesting things we saw on that tour here:  Whale Watching Tour.


The moon was out in a very clear sky at sunset as we were leaving the harbor.  This is a screen capture of the video taken of the moon over the deep blue water.

late night sunset and moon


Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The accompanying full Flickr photo album and YouTube playlist can be found here:



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