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Celebrity Millennium menus

Dateline:  2015-05-22 to 2015-05-29

Location:  Celebrity Millennium, every restaurant and bar on board



Are menus really that interesting to look at?  Hmm…  Ever wonder what the quality of the food will be like on board a cruise ship?  How many options for dinner will you have?  Wondering whether you might like to pay a small surcharge to eat in any of the specialty restaurants?  Wondering how much drinks (coffees, wine, mixed drinks, etc.) cost on board and whether it makes sense to buy a beverage package (versus a la carte purchases)?


This is where you should be able to get great information on all these topics!  Head to the Flickr album for full-sized pictures.

Celebrity Millennium - Martini Bar menu


(Also, if you’d like to actually look at the pictures or videos of food and drink, take a look at the Food and Drink Blog post.)



Accompanying Pictures

The accompanying full Flickr photo album can be found here:




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