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Celebrity Millennium food and drink

Dateline:  2015-05-22 to 2015-05-29

Location:  Celebrity Millennium, restaurants and bars on board



We took lots of pictures (and a few videos) of all the food and drinks we experienced on board.  Most of the pictures are from the specialty restaurants (since that’s where we ate most meals), so if you want to get a good idea of the quality of the food and whether you want to go to the specialty restaurants over the main dining room, this should give you a good idea.


Just a small sampling of all the pictures is included below.  If you want to see lots of beautiful looking food, definitely go see the full Flickr album.  There are a few good videos of tableside cooking and demonstrations in the YouTube playlist, as well.


Also, if you’d like to see full menus from each restaurant and bar, take a look at the Celebrity Millennium menus Blog entry.


This is the salted caramel shake from the Bistro on 5 restaurant.

Bistro on 5 salted caramel shake


The scallop Wellington (like beef Wellington!) in The Olympic restaurant was astoundingly good!

The Olympic scallop Wellington

The Olympic scallop Wellington


And the duck cooked two ways from The Olympic.  Gorgeous food.

The Olympic duck


Qsine is Celebrity’s funky and playful specialty restaurant.  This is the cheesecake martini.

Qsine cheesecake martini



Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The accompanying full Flickr photo album and YouTube playlist can be found here:


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