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Celebrity Millennium ship tour

Dateline:  2015-05-22 to 2015-05-29

Location:  Celebrity Millennium, all over the ship



Unlike the Behind the Scenes entry, which was a guided tour into crew-only areas usually not seen or visited by passengers, this ship tour Blog entry and all the associated Flickr pictures and YouTube videos are from our own exploration of the public areas of the ship.


We did a pretty good job of accessing and taking pictures of every lounge, restaurant (even the exclusive or specialty ones), pool deck, bar area, and performance theatre or stage on board the ship.  So if you want to have an idea of what anything (or everything) looks like on the Millennium, you’re in the right place.  Head to the Flickr album to see everything.



This is the impressive, multi-story entry foyer.

Celebrity Millennium ship tour, Grand Foyer


Right off the foyer is the Martini Bar with its iced bar top.

Celebrity Millennium ship tour, Martini Bar


The Olympic was our favorite restaurant on board.  If you’d like to see lots of pictures of the food we had at The Olympic (or other venues), look at the Food and Drink Blog post.

Celebrity Millennium The Olympic dining room


One of the pool deck areas on the top of the ship.  Another heated pool area was actually very comfortable to swim in, even in the cool Alaska air.

Celebrity Millennium pool decks


Accompanying Pictures and Videos

The accompanying full Flickr photo album and YouTube playlist can be found here:


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